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Super Heat Conduction Metal Vacuum Tube

Model No.︰TS-70-1700,1900
Brand Name︰OEM
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰200 pic
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Specifications︰Comprised of heat pipe, glass tube, heat-collector plate, aluminum safety-protection cap and getter, SHCMV tube has high practicability and reliability.
Advantages︰● High heat effectiveness: higher than normal all-glass tube by 10%;
● Heat-pipe conduction, no water inside ,thus it is successfully prevented form the defects of tube blockage and low power output caused by water fouling and deposits or dust and sand;
● With small thermal capability, it can output power in 2 minutes. The highest temperature of cooling end can reaches 250℃. The average heat efficiency can still be 50% even under -50℃.
● High efficient selective absorptive coatings and vacuum heat insulation technology ensure the tube to get higher heat output in cloudy weather and in moist area, especially in winter.
● Solar collecting plate is installed and sealed inside the tube of high-quality borosilicate glass with 5x10-2Pa of vacuum, so it cannot be corroded even in moist area;
● Hot water system can endure 0.6Pa so that it can be connected to tap water tube.
Export Markets︰all of the world
Payment Details︰TT
Min Order︰200pcs
Ship Date︰15days
Standard Met︰solar keymark
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